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All of the Armagh Observatory rainfall data has been calibrated for instrument sensitivity and exposure and is available below.


Papers describing the data and its calibration are available below.

Bullet Meteorological Data recorded at Armagh Observatory from 1795 to 2001:
Volume 1 - Daily, Monthly and Annual Rainfall 1838 - 2001
A. M. García-Suárez, C.J. Butler, D. Cardwell, A.D.S. Coughlin, A. Donnelly, D. T. Fee, K. R. Hickey, B. Morrow and T. Taylor
Paper available as: 17MB PostScript file or 7MB PDF file
Data table available as: 771K PostScript file or 447K PDF file

Bullet Precipitation at Armagh Observatory 1838-1997
Butler, C.J., Coughlin, A.D.S. and Fee, D.
Proc. Royal Irish Acad. Biology and Environment 96B, 123-140
Full paper available as 309K PDF file

The Data

The following are links to plain text (ASCII) files containing the calibrated data. You can open them in your browser window and save them to your local computer system for your own analysis. If you use this data in any publication please cite the above papers and acknowledge Armagh Observatory. Please also inform webmaster@arm.ac.uk and send copies of publications to The Librarian, Armagh Observatory, College Hill, Armagh BT61 9DG, N. Ireland.

The information contained in this data archive is owned by the Armagh Observatory which retains copyright. Whilst Armagh Observatory has made every effort to ensure accuracy, we cannot be held responsible for errors or omissions. The data has been calibrated to the best of our ability but may still contain systematic and sporadic errors. If errors are spotted in the data please notify webmaster@arm.ac.uk

BulletDaily Rainfall from 1838-1839

BulletDaily Rainfall from 1840-1849

BulletDaily Rainfall from 1850-1859

BulletDaily Rainfall from 1860-1869

BulletDaily Rainfall from 1870-1879

BulletDaily Rainfall from 1880-1889

BulletDaily Rainfall from 1890-1899

BulletDaily Rainfall from 1900-1909

BulletDaily Rainfall from 1910-1919

BulletDaily Rainfall from 1920-1929

BulletDaily Rainfall from 1930-1939

BulletDaily Rainfall from 1940-1949

BulletDaily Rainfall from 1950-1959

BulletDaily Rainfall from 1960-1969

BulletDaily Rainfall from 1970-1979

BulletDaily Rainfall from 1980-1989

BulletDaily Rainfall from 1990-1999

BulletDaily Rainfall from 2000-present

Mean Data

BulletTotal rainfall per month and per annum 1838-2001

BulletTotal rainfall per season 1838-2001

BulletMean daily rainfall per month and per annum 1838-2001

BulletMean daily rainfall per season 1838-2001

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