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All of the Armagh Observatory humidity data has been calibrated for time of day and both the calibrated and uncalibrated data is available below.


Papers describing the data and its calibration are available below.

Bullet C.J. Butler and A.M. García-Suárez
Relative Humidity at Armagh Observatory, 1838-2008
Int. J. Climatol. 32: 657–668 (2012)
Full Paper - PDF
Full Paper - MS Word

Bullet C.J. Butler & A.M. García-Suárez
A Long Relative Humidity Series for Armagh Observatory
Its relevance to the occurrence of 19th century potato famines in Ireland and atmospheric warming in the 20th century

Proceedings of the Tyndall Symposium, September 2011, Dublin. Royal Irish Academy and Environmental Protection Agency
Extended Abstract - PDF

The Data

Below are links to the files for daily relative humidity, both corrected and uncorrected for the time of observation, and the mean monthly, seasonal and annual relative humidity corrected for time of observation. For long term comparison of relative humidity the data corrected for time of observation should be used but, if at some time in the future research workers were to use the relative humidity for computation of specific humidity, they should use the daily uncorrected data and not monthly or seasonal means. We have included headers with information on the origin and status of the data and these headers should always be kept with the data wherever possible in order to avoid confusion with other datasets. You can open these files in your browser window and save them to your local computer system for your own analysis. If you use this data in any publication please cite the above papers and acknowledge Armagh Observatory. Please also inform webmaster@arm.ac.uk and send copies of publications to The Librarian, Armagh Observatory, College Hill, Armagh BT61 9DG, N. Ireland.

The information contained in this data archive is owned by the Armagh Observatory which retains copyright. Whilst Armagh Observatory has made every effort to ensure accuracy, we cannot be held responsible for errors or omissions. The data has been calibrated to the best of our ability but may still contain systematic and sporadic errors. If errors are spotted in the data please notify webmaster@arm.ac.uk

BulletDaily, time-corrected, morning - 1838-2008

BulletDaily, time-corrected, evening - 1844-1954

BulletDaily, uncorrected, morning - 1838-2008

BulletDaily, uncorrected, evening - 1844-1954

BulletMonthly Means, morning - 1838-2008

BulletMonthly Means, evening - 1844-1964

BulletSeasonal and Annual Means, morning - 1838-2008

BulletSeasonal and Annual Means, evening - 1844-1964

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